Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Phantom 4 could really be the drone that everyone can fly and really money if they have it. However, for the polite but experience is, it may be too much of a good thing for beginners.

Shockproof ?
If they read about the Phantom 4, they know it is the first model of consumption that they can buy with the advanced prevention system called OSS DJI obstacles. Quadcopter has a robust set of optical sensors in front of the eyes that will help we navigate around or over obstacles within 0.7 to 15 meters (2.3 to 49 feet) of it or just stop And float until this pilot the distance. (It also allows some new modes of flight, I will arrive a little.).
    For the most part, this works very well and will probably prevent many accidental collisions. Yes, they can try to fly directly to things like fences or buildings or cars or yes, and stop by itself. But what worries me most when flying are the trees.

    Clip a 100 foot tree into the air and can start a free fall into the ground or, perhaps worse still, get trailed like a cruel Christmas tree they can see but never touch. Having the ability to avoid trees is especially important when returning home function that brings the drone back to them is used.
    Phantom 4 was better than expected. He tried just as the north was heading towards spring, so he was flying around a lot of naked trees in the winter. She had no problem stopping before flying on a line of pine trees in a self-stealing to it. When we browse a few leafless branches, it does not immediately recognize them as an obstacle. If the branches were thick leaf, he could have stopped in his tracks as he had when he flew near the trees in full bloom. Or maybe it was operator error.
They see the tree coming from an angle that would have been out of sight of the OSS. Feel what is in front of the Phantom, not on the side or behind it. So, while the system can stop a frontal collision, they will have no problem crashing other directions. Its point is, the OSS is good to have, but for new drivers could create a false sense of security.

Sport mode is fun but dangerous for beginners
    All that is needed is one of a switch on the controller and being able to fly at speeds of up to 45mph (72kph) using Phantom 4 Sport mode. It is not only faster forward and backward, but can reach 6 meters (20 feet) per second up to 4 meters (13 feet) per second. This is a very nice addition as it allows we to reach a much faster place to get the shot they want. It gives them a bit of a drones racing experience, too, and with an HDMI module for the driver who can connect FPV (first person view) glasses to delve into the experience.
    Some movements on the stick will literally go a long way, however. And the OSS does not work in Sport mode, so if we are traveling in front of something, do not expect these sensors to keep them. Plus, when you travel at maximum speed, it takes a lot more to stop. The DJI Go application warns of this the first time we enter the mode, but never again. Anyway, it is possible that he suggest to the pilots for the first time.

    Okay, we probably already have an idea: Obstacle detection system can potentially keep them out of boredom, but there is no excuse to steal learning recklessly or wrongly stealing the drone.

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